Due to the COVID 19 emergency, the QSCR's opening is delayed. Announcement to come when safety returns and the collection is ready


The QSCR has a NEW home at the

Bates County, Missouri Historical Society & Museum

Butler, Missouri


Details coming soon!!

The Arkansas Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission officially sanctioned the QSCR in 2011 for it's educational value 

Please Note: This site is currently undergoing changes

  Meet the many wonderful and historic individuals that make up the QSCR Members! From Partisan Rangers under Quantrill, Poole and Porter to Union soldiers that fought them every step of the way. Those victims and survivors that witnessed the fire and blood while struggling to endure through the hardships that the Civil War brought to their door.  The Jesse James family is accounted for with true tales of the days in Clay County, Missouri! And don't miss the men of Bleeding Kansas who lived and participated in the events that was the precursor to the Civil War! There are 60 individuals to read about, study and further research on your own!   


*Over thirty teachers guides from elementary to college curriculums

*Award winning books from renowned and respected award winning authors of the Kansas-Missouri border wars

*Lesson plans that span a plethora of subjects within the Kansas-Missouri border wars such as Bleeding Kansas, the Border Wars and Quantrill and his men that allows students to seek deeper meaning and understanding of the times and events.

*See the actual places and battlegrounds where the QSCR Members were! Historical Sites takes you to places like Baxter Springs, KS., Centralia, MO., Lawrence, KS. and Osceola, MO. The different tours gives you a good look at the Lone Jack battlefield at Lone Jack, Missouri, Constitution Hall in Lecompton, Kansas and the Confederate Home and Cemetery at Higginsville, Missouri.

*Authentic museum items. See a piece of the very first Democratic headquarters in Lecompton, Kansas, Civil War bullets and a bayonet piece and a copy of "Civil War on the Border" from 1890 among other historic items.

*Sketches and biographies of many of the players in this time of our history. Capt. Bill Anderson, Jesse James, General JO Shelby, John Brown, Henry Pate and David Rice Atchison are among the many names you can find to read about and research!

PLUS...access to the Official Reports, northwest Arkansas men who served with Quantrill, and more!



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