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  When writing an "About" page, the goal is to to convey everything you are striving to get across. It can describe the straight forward substance of your subject, and, sometimes, the emotion or feeling that can be the foundation on which your subject sits. This "About" conveys both. History needs us now more then ever before. It's future, it's value and significance, is disappearing into the mind frame of it being "too old."  The public, as well as some teachers and professors from all levels of education, are burying the Civil War, the American Revolution and great historical periods, into a time capsule with no intention of it ever seeing the light of day again. Across this entire nation, the tears have long ago dried, the blood has soaked into and been turned deep under the soil and battlefields and burial places are now subdivisions surrounded by corporation. As a society and as Americans, we've allowed our past to stagnate. Our past has become almost insignificant and primal. The American Revolution seems to now come just after the neanderthal period.

  From it's inception, the purpose of this research was to bring new sources of information into the educational community and broaden the focus on the subject of William Quantrill, his men, the Union forces that fought against him and the citizens that had their lives changed in these events, by introducing deeper exploration of the subject into schools and universities based from the new research given. But now, it has become more than that. We have to firmly stand behind our nation's history, good, bad or otherwise, and be passionate about standing our ground while so much is being dismantled, destroyed and swept under the politically correct carpet. The soldiers and citizens that are featured on this website were those who lived and died in the heart of the battles. They were there when history began to write itself into blank pages as they witnessed events that became landmark, groundbreaking moments that built our country and are as valuable to our nation today as they were when they happened so long ago. 
  Due to the abundance and wealth of new and staggering information contained within research and study, the era of "Bleeding Kansas" and the abolitionist days of John Brown join the Kansas-Missouri border wars here. The mission here is to fill the gaps and open new pages that were previously unknown and reveal startling revelations of just who is buried in northwest Arkansas and surrounding regions and what kind of stories were buried with them! Individuals that galloped through the heat of the flames,  faced down an enemy charging directly towards their horse's nose and watched helplessly as their family and neighbors perished in so many ways are all a part of this endeavor. The aim is to educate the border wars areas and northwest Arkansas with a revitalization of the Kansas-Missouri border wars and Bleeding Kansas while continuing to see it flourish and grow for future generations. To accomplish this, extensive research was done to find and collect everything to bring all elements to the forefront in an effort to make this as educational and rounded as possible. 

   As a nation, a community, a neighborhood, we cannot be selective by picking and choosing the history we want and don't want to acknowledge. You cannot understand things in it's entirety by simply seeing only what you want to see. You can only see the truth by researching, and studying a subject from it's start to finish. By turning it inside out and understanding EVERYthing that made it happen!

  Socially, the old phrase, "History is written by the victors", has become more relevant today than ever before. And unfortunately, our ancestors, who fought and bled through the turbulence and unrest in a nation still trying to learn itself, are suffering all over again.




Richard L. Stewart