Almon Miner

Born: September 9, 1827                                Died: February 13, 1890

Burial: Eureka Springs I.O.O.F. Cemetery     Place: Eureka Springs, Carroll County, Arkansas





Enlisted: March 22, 1862 at Albany, Missouri by Capt. Joseph Little (Co. E)

Discharged: June 25, 1864 for disability

Stationed: Albany, Mo., Cameron, Mo., Lexington, Mo., Pleasant Hill, Mo., Taberville, Mo., Germantown, Mo., Columbus, Mo., Clinton, Mo., Warrensburg, Mo., Mound Prairie, Mo.,


Highlights of his service (information from the official O.R. reports):

August 1862 - Parts of Co's B & E fight Davis and Kirk's bands in Daviess Co, MO.

August 1862 - Parts of E in pursuit of Porter, engaged at Kirksville, Mo.

August 1862 - Pursuit of Poindexter thru Linn, Livingston and Chariton, Mo. capturing                                roughly 100 prisoners.

October 1862 - Largest part of regiment constantly scouting after Quantrill and Cockrell,                             capturing large amounts of Men, horses and arms.

July 1863 - Taberville, Mo. - Constant scouting and engaged in several skirmishes with                                                           bushwhackers, killing several and wounding many.

September 1863 - Made successful scouts killing several guerrillas, capturing 31 horses,                                     24 guns and 5 revolvers.

October 1863 - Went head on into the battle at Dug Ford (Lamine River) where JO Shelby's men ambushed Joseph Little's Company E of the 1st MSM Cav. Almon was injured in this fight.

April 1864 - Moved from Germantown to Warrensburg, scouting the country. Found trail                        of 100 guerrillas who just crossed Osage River, charged their pickets.

April 1864 - Lt. Barkley with 36 men of E pursue Quantrill's guerrillas and have not yet                            returned (this is a detachment and Miner was one of the 36 men)

April & May 1864 - Almon's military service card #16 reads: "Absent in pursuit of                                                   Quantrel + band since April 28 / 64."


  Guerrilla leader and part time Quantrill follower, Wesley Benton Gann (who participated at the raid at Lawrence, Kansas and is kin to the Gann family buried at Flint Creek Cemetery in Gentry, Arkansas) was executed in Almon's Co. E camp of the 1st MSM after being caught by members of Co. E under Lt. Barkley.


  Furthermore, the adventures and action of the 1st MSM Cavalry are too numerous and long to fit in this post, but their track record of service is overloaded with fights, battles and skirmishes with guerrillas all over western Missouri. They were in the heart of guerrilla country and was witness to the many acts of both Union and Confederate sides. A great source of detailed movements of the 1st MSM Cav. is by author Bruce Nichols and his series of "Guerrilla Warfare in Civil War Missouri" books. Also try this website and see military correspondence that detailed the pursuit and engagements with Quantrill.

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