(Francis Christison, March 30, 1855 illegal voting in Kansas, Bogus Legislature, 1859-60 Kansas Council member, more)



Kansas-Missouri Border Wars map

March 30, 1855, Image 1, Chronicling America, Kansas Weekly Herald  (Front page (right side) notice of March 1855 elections)
Francis Christison listed on Legislature list, Kansas 1861

Francis Christison in "Journal of the Council of the Territory of Kansas, 1861, Eighth Session) Pages out of order, click each one to see his actions

Francis Christison and brother, Wilburn in "History of the State of Kansas"  (Pages out of order, click to see each action)
Kansas Memory: Thematic Time period-Bleeding Kansas 1854-1861

The Lecompton Constitution (8 pages)

Bogus Legislature

Kansas Bogus Legislature

Kansas "Bogus Legislature" Established

Bleeding Kansas (9 pages) 
Scenes of 1855 Kansas voting

Bogus Election, March 1855, PT 1 
Bogus Election, March 1855, PT 2

Bogus Election, March 1855, PT 3

Bogus Election, March 1855, PT 4

Border Disputes & Warfare (clickable lists of events from 1855-1860)

Bleeding Kansas (History Channel)

Bleeding Kansas (from Essential Civil War Curriculum)



Bogus Legislature (Territorial Kansas)



Kansas Free State Party

Bogus Legislature of Kansas
Personal Memoir of Watson Stewart (fellow Kansas Territory Council Board member of Francis Christison)

The Lecompton Constitution 1857 
James H. Lane: Grim Leader in the Free State fight
John Brown: Crusading Against Slavery
Lecompton, Kansas: Capitol of Kansas Territory
The different Constitutional Conventions of Kansas
Battle of Hickory Point, Kansas

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