The collection's bookshelf is packed with award winning books from some of the best authors and researchers in the business as well as a wide variety of teacher's guides that can help educators teach the border wars from many different angles! Included are biographies, adventures, battles, rosters and much, much more !  These books and teacher's guides make a great combination!



















Alias Charley Hart     America and Guerrilla Warfare     American Bandits: Biographical History of the Nation's Outlaws
Illustrated Hist. of the Mo. Engineers / 25 Inf. Reg.      
A Savage Conflict: Decisive Role of the Guerrillas in the Civil War
Autobiography of Samuel Hildebrand     A Yankee with Quantrill     Battle of Independence     Battle of Lone Jack
Behind Enemy Lines: Guerrillas, Spies, Raiders     Black Flag: Guerrilla Warfare on the Western Border
Bleeding Kansas: The Border War in Douglas Co.    Bloody Bill Anderson: Short, Savage Life of a Civil War Guerrilla
Bloody Bill Anderson Scrapbook: Volumes 1 & 2     Bloody Dawn: The Story of the Lawrence Massacre
Borderland Rebellion     Branded As Rebels: Volumes 1, 2 and 3     Burning of Osceola, Missouri
Bushwhacker! Cole Younger and the Kansas-Missouri Border War     Bushwhackers of the Border
Call Me Charlie     Capt. Joseph C. Lea     Cavaliers of the Brush     Charles W. Quantrell
Civil War In Missouri - Day by Day 1861-1865     Civil War Memorials in Kansas City
Civil War on the Missouri-Kansas Border     Civil War on the Western Border 1854-1865    Civil War Union Post Returns
Cole Younger Scrapbook     Cole Younger: Last of the Great Outlaws     Cole Younger Writes to Lizzie Daniel
Curse of Quantrill     Dark Friday: Story of Quantrill's raid on Lawrence     Eight Hundred Voices: Volumes 1 & 2
Elliott's Scouts: 9th Missouri Cavalry     Encyclopedia of Quantrill's Guerrillas     Escaping Quantrill's Trap
Frank & Jesse James: The Story Behind the Legend     Frontier State at War: Kansas 1861-1865
General JO Shelby: Undefeated Rebel     Gray Ghosts of the Confederacy     Guerrillas and Other Curiousities
Guide to Missouri Confederate Units     He Rode with Quantrill  Heart is the Heritage (Conf. Home, Higginsville, Mo.)
I Knew Frank, I Wish I Had Known Jesse     I, Quantrill     Inside War: Guerrilla Conflict in MO. during Civil War
Jackson County and the Civil War     Jayhawkers     Jennison's Jayhawkers     Jesse & Frank James: The Family History
Jesse James: American Outlaw     Jesse James and the Civil War in Missouri

Jesse James" The Last Rebel of the Civil War     Jesse James: The Man & the Myth     Jesse James Was His Name
Jesse James Was My Neighbor     Jim Lane: Scoundrel, Statesman, Kansan     Last Hurrah of the James-Younger Gang
Lawrence: Survivors of Quantrill's Raid     Massacre at Baxter Springs   Missouri Civil War Miscellany: Volumes 1, 2, 4, 5
Missouri Rebels Remembered: John Thrailkill & Si Gordon     Missouri State Guard: Patriots of Missouri / Vol. 1 & 2
Noted Guerrillas     Order No. 11     Other Noted Guerrillas In the Civil war

Outlaws: Illustrated History of the Younger Bros.     Quantrill: American Terrorist     Quantrill: A Novel
Quantrill at Lawrence: The Untold Story     Quantrill Celebrates Washington's Birthday at Independence, Mo.
Quantrill's Company & Misc. Records     Quantrill's Civil War Operations in Indian Territory     Quantrill of Missouri
Quantrill In Texas: The Forgotten Campaign     Quantrill's Legacy     Quantrill Letters     Quantrill and the Border Wars
Quantrill's Thieves     Quantrill's War: Life & Times of William Clarke Quantrill     Quantrill and his Civil War Guerrillas
Recollections of Quantrill's Guerrillas as told by A. J. Walker 

Reunion In Death: Gravesites of Quantrill men/James Gang: Vol 1, 2, 3   Ride The Razor's Edge: The Younger Bros. Story
Riding Vengeance with the James Gang     Shelby and his Men     Terror on the Border
The Babe of the Company: Hamp Watts of Anderson's company     The Civil War Years of Clay County, Missouri
The Devil Knows How to Ride     The Gun & The Gospel     The Killer Legions of Quantrill
The Last of the Quantrill's Raiders     The Life, Times and Treacherous Death of Jesse James

The Man Who Shot Quantrill     The Outlaw Youngers: Confederate Brotherhood     They Called Him Bloody Bill
Three Years with Quantrill     Warren Welch Remembers     We Rode With Quantrill
William Clarke Quantrill: The Man who burned Lawrence     William Clarke Quantrill: His Life and Times
William Clarke Quantrill Scrapbook: Vol 2     William Gregg Manuscript

             TEACHERS GUIDES

  The QSCR 's goal to educate and lend a hand to teachers and educators is further enhanced by the many lesson plan and curriculum books and guides that are provided within the collection. It is the purpose of these many resources to allow teachers to convert or adapt the many known Civil War events specifically to the Kansas-Missouri border war events and people. For example, instead of asking and researching how Atlanta was rebuilt after Sherman's raid, how was Lawrence, Kansas rebuilt after Quantrill's raid?

* "The Great Courses: The American Civil War (Parts 1-4 on 24 cassette tapes)" by Gary W. Gallagher
* "Rifles for Watie" by Harold Keith
* "The 50 Greatest Letters from America's Wars" by David Lowenherz
* "Across Five Aprils" by Irene Hunt
* "Guide for using Across Five Aprils" by Dona Herweck Rice
* "The Civil War Sourcebook" by Phillip Katcher

* "Chart History of the Civil War 1861-1865" by J. W. Gibson
* "20 Good Reasons to Study the Civil War" by John Waugh
* "Homework Helpers: U.S. History (1492-1865)" by Ron Olsen
* "Civil War Films for Teachers & Historians" by William B. Russell III
* "Great Civil War Projects You Can Build Yourself" by Maxine Anderson
* "Hey! History Isn't Boring Anymore!" by Kelly Butterbaugh
* "Guide to Genealogy Research in the National Archives"
* "All In One Teaching Resources: Crisis, Civil War and Reconstruction (1846-1877)" by Prentice Hall
* "The Civil War: A Scholastic curriculum guide" by Linda Beech
* "Legacies of the Civil War: Blood and Ashes" by Johnson County, Kansas Public Library
* "American Kids in History: Pioneer Days" by David King
* "Teaching the Civil War with the Internet: Grades 4-12" by Michael D. Headings
* "Outlines & Highlights for This Terrible War: The Civil War and it's Aftermath" by Michael Fellman, Lesley Gordon and Daniel Sutherland
* "The American Civil War" with six (6) overhead sheets
* "Read Aloud Plays: Civil War (Five (5) Short Plays)" by Timothy Nolan
* "Story Starters on the Civil War / Old West" by Steven Henrich & Jean Henrich
* "The Civil War Telecourse Student Guide" by Ken Burns
* "The Civil War - II 1863-1865" by The Milliken Company
* "Civil War: The War Between the States (Social Studies Activity Book)" by George Lee & Roger Gaston
* "Civil War Thematic Unit: 5-8 Grades" by Teacher Created Resources
* "Multimedia CD: The Civil War (with one (1) CD)" by Teacher Created Resources
* "History Pockets: The American Civil War, Grades 4-6" by Evan-Moor
* "Eyewitness: Civil War" by John Stanchak
* "Spotlight on America: Civil War (4-8 Grades)" by Teacher Created Resource
* "Civil War for Kids: A History with 21 Activities" by Janis Herbert
* "Civil War (Primary Sources Teaching Kit, Grades 4-8)" by Karen Baicker
* "Easy Simulations: Civil War, A Complete Tool Kit......" by Tim Bailey
* "The Boys War" by Jim Murphy

NOTE: Some of these titles have more than one copy

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