Attention Educators, welcome to the QSCR's "Border Wars Lesson Plans" page! These plans have been compiled from many sources including award winning Civil War sites, a presidential library, colleges, state historical sites and more!  Middle, high school and college students can benefit from these plans that include role playing, debate, research and more! Possibilities are endless to immerse  classes into the teeth of the Kansas-Missouri border wars and learn about what some northwest Arkansas (former Kansas and Missouri residents) went through!

Partisan Rangers / Guerrillas:

William Quantrill: Document Based Activity Questions

Life of a Guerrilla in Missouri

Missouri Guerrillas

Guerrilla warfare: Bushwhackers and Jayhawkers

Quantrill's Raid and Order Number 11

Skirmish at Island Mound

Crossroads of Conflict Border Wars Workshop This lesson plan is at bottom of this link's page titled "Border Conflicts." Click on that title.

Brown vs. Quantrill: Is Violence Justified?

William Quantrill Raids Lawrence, Kansas, 1863

Guerrilla Warfare and the Impact on Civilians

General Order No. 11 and Bingham's Martial Law

Border Conflicts (under High School plans at bottom of page)

Jayhawkers and Bushwhackers Raiders (Grade 8)

Kansas, Missouri & the Civil War, 1854-1865 (Grade 11)

Bushwhacker or Jayhawker? (Grade 8)

Civil War FaceBook (Grades 9-12)  This would be a great idea for Quantrill, Jesse James or any other partisan ranger!

Bleeding Kansas Mock Television News Report (Grades 12)  This does include later war time as in the Lawrence raid and interviewing a partisan ranger

Guerrilla Season book study (Grade 8)




The Battles:

Civil War Virtual Field Trip

The Civil War Come to Kansas: Quantrill's Raid on Lawrence

Pea Ridge National Military Park Teacher's Guide

Teaching Materials Home (click Lesson Plans, then Civil War Sites PowerPoint 4260KB)

Teaching Materials Home (click Lesson Plans, then Civil War Sites and Battlefields in Arkansas 758KB)

The Battle of Prairie Grove: Civilian Recollections of the Civil War

Not Just Military, Military History: The Interplay of Political and Social Influences on Civil War Battles (Grade 11 & 12)


Arkansas Civil War Bandits and Outlaws (Kansas Jayhawkers)

Arkansas Civil War Drama (includes Pea Ridge, Prairie Grove, Jayhawkers, etc.)

Make Your Own Regimental Flag

Order No. 11: Which Side Are You On? (Grades 10-12)

Northern and Southern Civil War Strategies & Missouri's Legacy: 1861-1865 (Grades 9)

Analyzing George Caleb Bingham's Order No. 11 (Grade 8)

Kansas In The American Civil War (Grade 8)

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