The CAPITALIZED names are northwest Arkansas residents that served with Quantrill guerrillas in a regular Confederate regiment. The names underneath the capitalized names are the names of those more well known Quantrill guerrillas that the NW Arkansas residents served with

SAMUEL DUNNAWAY (16th Mo. Inf., Co. D)
Abe Brinker, William Doak, O.S. Barnett, Charles Longacre, H. L. W. Anderson

JOHN CARDIN (16th Mo. Inf., Co. A)
Thomas Maxwell, Lum Tyer, Ben Rice, Thomas Cassell

F. Luther Wayman, Milt Wayman, William Wayman

ISAAC GIVENS (8th Mo. Inf., Co. H)
John Carter

DANIEL NETHERTON (1st Mo. Cav., Co. G)
Richard Chiles, Arthur Devers, Alex Devers

JAMES RODGERS (6th Mo. Cav., Co. D)
A. E. Asbury

CASSANDER OLIVER (5th Mo. Cav., Co. A)
Arthur McCoy, Jesse James and guerrilla author, John Newman Edwards

GEORGE LONG (1st Field Batt., MO Lt. Artillery)
John Workman, Young Hicklin

JOHN SHEFFIELD (2nd Mo. Inf., Co. F)
James Devers


GEORGE T. LINCOLN (Missouri State Guard)
John "Coon" Thornton

JAMES W. TAYLOR (1st Mo. Lt. Artillery)
William McCoy

WILLIAM CORLEY (Elliott's 9th Mo. Cav., Co. A)
Dick Turpin, John Holloway, Bart Lewis

THOMAS J. PATTON (8th Batt, Mo. Inf., Co D & 3rd Mo. Inf., Co. B)
George Rider, John Rider, Ab Teague, John Teague

R. J. BOWLES (Bledsoe's Mo. Lt. Artillery)
William Chiles

ANDREW DAWSON (12th Mo. Cav., Co. B)
Willis Judd, L. S. Bratton

HENRY LUCKETT (2nd Mo. Inf., Co. C)
W. C. Bell


AMBROSE MAULDING (4th Mo. Inf., Co. D)
James Kincheloe, Isaac Parmer

JESSE MCNEMAR (Elliott's 9th Mo. Cav., Co. G)
William I. W. Douglas, Dave Edwards

FRANK CAMPBELL (10th Mo. Cav., Co. D)
James DeJarnett

WILLIAM NEVINS (9th Mo. Inf., Co. E)
Richard McKinney

JOHN B. MATLOCK (10th Mo. Ca., Co G & 3rd Batt Mo. Inf., Co A)
Robert Houx, Mark Fristoe, Thomas Perdee

ELIAS SCOTT (6th Mo. Cav., Co. H)
Wiley Johnson

JAMES M. BOHART (1st Mo. Cav., Co. F)
John Thrailkill

FRANK TAYLOR (Rosser's Regt. Mo. St. Gd.)
Si Gordon, Peyton Long


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