David Brock

Born: June 14, 1841, Indiana     Died: September 11, 1928

Burial: Oak Hill (Siloam Springs) Cemetery     Place: Siloam Springs, Benton County, Arkansas


David Brock, along with George Barnes and David Dailey were all participants of Jim Lane's SACKING OF OSCEOLA, MISSOURI in September of 1861!! Jim Lane's infamous "Lane's Brigade", made up of the Third and Fourth Kansas Infantries and the Fifth Kansas Cavalry, laid almost absolute waste to the small town of a little over 2,000 people and nearly wiped it from the Earth! The brigade plundered, stole, ransacked, burned and destroyed just about every home and business in their eyesight! Some of the numbers of the raid: 300 horses, 200 slaves, 400 head of cattle and 3,000 bags of flour were taken along with barrel after barrel of liquor and wagons loaded down with personal property! Jim Lane, himself, made off with silk dresses and a beautiful piano that would later adorn his own home in Lawrence, Kansas! Witnesses said that the wagon train of plunder was a mile long! But material things were not the only story. Nine to twelve men were taken out and murdered! Osceola went from just over 2,000 population to a mere 183! When Quantrill's men hit Lawrence, Kansas, they found items from Osceola in Lawrence homes and businesses. It turns out that some of the property Quantrill's men allegedly "stole" was materials and property that Lane took in the first place! "Remember Osceola!" was the cry in Lawrence. And, no doubt, it was for the many who suffered in the tragedy.

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