Duncan Johnson

     Born: 1841                                          Died: 1908
     Burial: Shady Grove Cemetery          Place, Berryville, Carroll County, Arkansas



  Duncan's government stone reads "9th KS. Cav. Co. D." And that places him in the company of the notorious Captain Charles F. Coleman's regiment. This company has went down in border war infamy as pulling off one of the most cruel and callous events of the entire Kansas-Missouri border wars and what made a man named Marion Potter join Quantrill's men! This is still referred to today as the "Benjamin Potter massacre."
  The event is captured quite well in the remembrance, "What I Saw of Order No. 11" by Lone Jack, Missouri citizen, Martin Rice. It gives a detailed account of what transpired. You may read the whole article by starting with the link of page 1 here


  Or, if you want to read just the part of the Benjamin Potter massacre, click here
It starts with "On the morning of the 6th of September....."

  Here are the graves of John Cave, Benjamin Potter, William Tate, William Hunter, Andrew Owsley & John Hunter just a few miles from the Lone Jack battlefield & museum.


  We have no idea if Duncan was one of the soldiers who captured the six men or he might have been one of those who actually pulled the trigger in the grisly execution. But we DO know that he goes down as one of those in a regiment that brought much fear across the border in their exercise of malice and intimidation !

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