Edwin Ketchum



Born: December 13, 1822     Died: October 31, 1880

Burial: Dickson Cemetery     Place: Cherokee City, Benton County, Arkansas       

  Ah, the Quantrill genealogy blood gets a little thicker with this one. Edwin Ketchum is the brother-in-law of QSCR Member, Lucinda Ketchum, but that's not where the blood is the thickest. He is the brother of Quantrill guerrilla, Al Ketchum!

  Edwin is found in the 1860 Cass County, Missouri census where he lived relatively close to Valentine Lotspeich, George Lotspeich and John Strong, but it is unsure if Edwin was there throughout the 1860s. He appears in Henry County, MO. in 1870.  During the Civil War, Valentine Lotspeich left for Tennessee and never came back. George was murdered inside his own front door and John Strong was riddled with bullets after Kansas troops surrounded his house and gave him no choice but to show himself. One can assume Edwin made it out alive by leaving this area of Cass before things turned for the worse. 

  His brother, Al was staying with fellow Quantrill guerrillas, John Koger, Andrew Walker and William Cox in a makeshift shanty during winter. When Penick's Missouri troops surrounded their shack, Al made a break for it. He was shot and killed. 

  It is unknown when Edwin came to Benton County, Arkansas. And it can probably be assumed he lost a lot of friends and family during those years when the border was aflame!

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