Elizabeth & Sarah


Sarah         Elizabeth


Born: January 26, 1840                   Died: December 11, 1910 

Burial: Maysville Cemetery            Place: Maysville, Benton County, Arkansas

Sarah Haun Mason

Born: April 6, 1844                         Died: November 19, 1910 

Burial: Maysville Cemetery            Place: Maysville, Benton County, Arkansas

  Talk about living with an umbrella over your head....and a violent one at that! Well, if that doesn't make much sense, let me explain. 

  Meet Sarah and Elizabeth Haun, daughters of Mathias and Phoebe Haun. The Hauns lived about a mile north of Atherton in the Blue Township of Jackson County, Missouri throughout the entire border / Civil War. Their farm and property was one hundred and forty acres with twelve horses, two oxen and four cows in 1860. Recently identified, their property is on the southeast side of what is now the East Myers Road curve that leads into the East Atherton-Sibley Road straightaway towards historic Fort Osage. 

  Now, back to that "umbrella." Being where they were, that put them eleven miles from Independence, Missouri (to their southwest), Liberty, Missouri (nine miles to their northwest), Richfield (now Missouri City, three miles to their north) and four miles from Sibley, Missouri (to their east). In other words, they were surrounded by Quantrill activity and more than likely, got their share of hearing and seeing the fighting that all but surrounded them! These are just some examples: 

  August 11, 1862 Independence, Missouri - Guerrillas and soldiers led by Col. John Taylor Hughes, Col. Upton Hays and William Quantrill attacked the Union occupation that consisted of Lt. Colonel James Buel and the approximately 350 soldiers of the 7th Missouri Cavalry, 2nd batallion Missouri State Militia Cav. and the 6th Enrolled Missouri Militia.

  March 1862 Liberty, Missouri - Quantrill and his men attacked a Union outpost and recruiting station.

  May 19, 1863 Richfield, Missouri - Frank James, William Gregg and other Quantrill men, along with Joe Hart, set an ambush for members of the 25th Missouri Infantry. Right after this, they attacked a Union occupation at Plattsburg where they had a small skirmish and captured the enemy.

  October 1862  "Big Hill" Sibley, Missouri - Quantrill's guerrillas went head long into the 5th Missouri State Militia Cavalry

  Mind you, these are only four of what was many fights, battles and skirmishes that happened in the "umbrella" I have described. A neighbor of the Hauns, Daniel Beets, has been recorded in history as being thrown out of his home by the Jayhawkers. It is unclear and nothing found of any harassment of the Hauns by the Union. 

  Sarah married Newton Mason and moved to Leavenworth, Kansas at some point before 1900. Soon,they all headed down to the Maysville, Arkansas area. Elizabeth joined her sister and brother-in-law on the move south. 

  The quiet of Arkansas was probably a very welcome sound to the years of the border wars they endured in Jackson County. The guns, the thunder of horses galloping, yells, explosions and overall violence was a part of their every day lives. 

And...it was also a part of our history.   

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