Guerrilla genealogy


These sites are a wonderful and educational look into the deep genealogy of some of the partisan's families. They all have ties to extreme northwest Arkansas and are fascinating to read through. These will provide any genealogist and historian with plenty of information! 


Edward M. Samuel (brother of Reuben Samuel, step uncle to Frank & Jesse James)


Fielding Samuel (father of Reuben Samuel, step grandfather to Frank & Jesse James)


Dick Yeager's (Quantrill/Anderson) 1st cousin, twice removed, James Yeager, buried at Beaty Cemetery, Lincoln, AR.

Ike, Dick & James Berry's (Quantrill/Anderson) 1st cousin, once removed, John A. Fulkerson, buried at Bentonville Cemetery, Bentonville, AR.

Ike, Dick & James Berry's 3rd cousin, James R. Fulkerson, buried at Jones Cemetery, Urbanette, AR.

William Gosney family cemetery, Jackson County, MO

Wesley, Isaac & William Gann's (Quantrill) 3rd cousin, Nicholas Gann, buried at Flint Creek Cemetery, Gentry, AR.

Michael Morningstar Houx (Quantrill) son-in-law of Maysville Cemetery (Maysville, AR) residents, George & Anna McFarland

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