Henry Keatly

Born: 1846 (?)                        Died: Date Unknown

Burial: Decatur Cemetery      Place: Decatur, Benton County, Arkansas 





  Henry is one of FOUR links to one of the most known and documented events in Quantrill history involving Captain Bill Anderson. That event is the fight at Centralia, Missouri on September 27, 1864. Henry was serving with the 25th Missouri Infantry until his transfer to the 1st Missouri Engineers on February 17th, 1864. He would see five of his fellow engineers take leave on furlough from the 1st Missouri Engineers. Four of them would not come back and the fifth would go down in Centralia history forever! 

  James Mobley, Caswell Rose, Edmund Pace, James F. Holly and Thomas Goodman boarded the Northern Missouri train bound for home with no idea of what awaited them as they came upon Centralia, Missouri. Anderson's men stopped the train and caught sight of the Union soldiers on board. Members of the 1st Missouri Engineers, 1st Iowa Cavalry, and the 23rd Iowa Infantry were hastened off of the train, stripped of their clothing and killed in a hail of gunfire by the partisans. Goodman was the lone survivor as he was taken prisoner so he could be used in a guerrilla / Union prisoner swap. He escaped from Anderson after a few days and would later write about his military time and his capture.  The other links to Centralia are as follows...



Burial: Rogers City Cemetery

Place: Rogers, Benton County, Arkansas

Grave: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/44902816/henry-o.-stewart 

Henry was a member of the 1st Iowa cavalry and served with Centralia victim, Charles Carpenter



Burial: Bugscuffle Cemetery

Place: Washington County, Arkansas

Grave: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/85734835/preston-martin

Preston was a member of the 23rd Iowa Infantry and served with Centralia victim, William Barnum

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