These are the Individuals that have educational stories to tell, but not a lot to fill an entire members page. So they have their own distinct place right here! Though these entries are not long, it does not undermine their own uniques stories and important contributions. Like the others, each individual headstone will link to their entries. 

John Bridgford     Approx. 1843     November 23, 1919

Buried in the Eureka Springs I.O.O.F Cemetery, John enlisted in Monroe County, Missouri as a member of Benjamin Ely's unit in Joseph C. Porter's 1st Northeast Missouri Cavalry, also known as Porter's guerrillas. He fought in the famous battle at Kirksville, Missouri between Porter's guerrillas and John McNeil's Union forces. This is exactly what John's company went through, told by Ely himself, "We were called the 1st Missouri Calvary & My company was Numbered 'F.' We were sworn into service by Capt Jim Porter. The company was armed with rifles & Shotguns. We remained in this camp only one day after the company armed. We marched from there to Newark Knox county Mo. & captured after a slight resistance; 80 odd men who were posted. I was in the fight of another regard my company being on attached service from Newark to Kirksville my company was generally the rear guard of the column. Col Franklin joined us with some 500 men before we got to Kirksville and when we were attacked at Kirksville we had some 1200 men. I was in the fight at Kirksville with my company. We occupied the center of the line. The fight lasted some 3 or 4 hours when we retreated to Panther creek across the Chariton river & were again attacked by the Federals. After skirmishing some 3 hours the Federals fell back when we recrossed the Chariton. In crossing, the rear guard was attacked & a skirmish lasting some 20 minutes ensued. We then were disbanded into companies. My company marched down to the edge of Ralls county. On the way we were subsisted by those who Sympathized with us."  

John is the fourth Porter partisan within the Individuals. 


Rev. Isaac A. Gaither     1847     October 27, 1924

The good reverend was a member of Col. Sidney Jackman's guerrillas along with site Individual, John Cecil and well known Quantrill partisan, Capt. Robert Marchbanks in 1864. He is buried in the Eureka Springs I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Eureka Springs, Arkansas


Richard H. Bean     December 16, 1837     July 3, 1916

In 1864, Richard rode in Col. Sidney Jackman's guerrillas with Isaac Gaither, site Individual, John Cecil and Bates County, Missourian and known Quantrill guerrilla, Capt. Robert Marchbanks. Interred in the Canehill Cemetery, Canehill, Arkansas.

John Cardin     February 28, 1841     June 19, 1929

John's residential and military background is rich in a LOT of names. First, he, like Individual, Francis Matney, lived in the New Santa Fe area of Westport (Kansas City), Missouri His neighbors were also Daniel Boone III, Jacob Axline, Anthony Watts, Turner Gill and the Wyatt family, particularly Quantrilll partisan, Al Wyatt. But that's not all. He served in the 16th Missouri Infantry, Co. A with familiar Quantrill men like Ben Rice, Thomas Cassell, Thomas Maxwell, Columbus Tyer, Martin McAninch and Robert Bush. He is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Siloam Springs, Arkansas