James Fulkerson

  Born: April 7, 1832                      Died: September 6, 1887

  Buried: Jones Cemetery             Place: Urbanette, Carroll County, Arkansas


  James' life would be directly affected by the Missouri guerrillas formerly under Capt. William T. "Bloody Bill" Anderson and later under his right hand man, Archie Clement. Though James did not face Clement in person, their impact was severe.

  While James was away from his family, in the midst of serving in the war, his wife, Elizabeth was visited by Archie's guerrillas. It is thought that they had an idea about who lived there and was seeking James out. It was apparent that the presence of the partisans was too much to bear for Elizabeth. It is certain that she suffered a great deal of stress, anxiety and fear and it would take it's toll on her health before killing her. The story is here on the OCTOBER 29, 1864 page.