James Welch

  Born: January 18, 1846      Died: January 1930
  Burial: Decatur Cemetery (unmarked,thought to be in old part of cemetery)
  Place: Decatur, Benton County, Arkansas


  Brother of well known Quantrill man, Warren Welch and fellow guerrilla brother, Lem Welch. Thanks to information, provided by Quantrill historian and author, Paul Petersen in July of 2017, Benton County, Arkansas has gained a SECOND participant in Quantrill's August 1863 raid of Lawrence, Kansas! Additionally, we now also know that James' was at the October 6, 1863 fight at Baxter Springs, Kansas AND the July 6, 1864 battle of Wagoner's 2nd Colorado Cavalry in Independence, Missouri! He is on the Warren Welch handwritten list of surrendering guerrillas to Union Captain, E. E. Rogers at Lexington, Missouri in May of 1865. Just two names below L. A. Welch (this would be brother, Lem) is the name, J. W. Welch.
  An Arkansas Confederate pension was found where he was listed as a Missouri soldier living in Arkansas. Under regiment, he wrote, in very unstable hand, "Quantrell's Mo."
  His pension was approved.
  After the death of James and his wife, Julia, they were both buried in Decatur Cemetery. 

  Their whereabouts within the cemetery have been hunted for years and years and no one seems to have a beat on where they are exactly. Many years ago, cemetery files were lost in a big fire and it's thought that their burial information went with it. Family has said that they are definitely there. Research has shown that they lived in Decatur, each funeral was in Decatur and, the Reverend that performed his and Julia's funerals, also lived in Decatur and is buried in the same cemetery! Given all of the above facts, it would seem hard to dispute it.
  He, like brother Lem, are lost in their cemeteries and need to have a marking of their bravery and service under Quantrill's partisan rangers! We should strive to make certain that his grave, and the others who have been lost in time, are marked and their place in education and history are forever set.

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