John Atchison

 Born: 1838, Tennessee             Died: April 18, 1916
 Buried: Atchison Cemetery     Place: Blue Eye, Carroll County, Arkansas




  Now named as a co-"headline" guerrilla alongside Thomas Warren, the knowledge of John Atchison is a HUGE addition to the QSCR and the northwest Arkansas area! This gives the NW Arkansas area something it has never permanently of Quantrill's ORIGINAL guerrillas!
  From the twenty one page mini booklet compiled by the John Atchison family: "Several books have been written about the Civil War in Missouri - one titled "Quantrill's Thieves" written by Joseph K. Houts, Jr. states; "John, Sylvester and Wiley Atchison fought in Missouri as Confederates under William Clarke Quantrill and were on the famous Roster found on one of his dead soldiers listing some of the original guerrillas. At the start of the Civil War, John and his brothers were the next door neighbors of another guerrilla who was also on the roster, John H. Koger and remained such after the war."
  More from the Atchison family mini booklet: "...Wiley and Sylvester fought in a skirmish at Cane Hill in Arkansas and were wounded. Concerning that, we found one handwritten record dated November 30, 1862 written by Colonel Emmett MacDonald-Missouri Cavalry, Camp Dripping Springs, Arkansas. It told of a battle in the Boston Mountains at Cane Hill and listed the wounded that showed Wiley Atchison being wounded in the foot and Bes Atchison (Sylvester) wounded in the mouth."
  So we see that the Atchisons were not only involved with Quantrill. Like many other of the guerrillas, they were under regular regiments as well.
  John, Wiley and Ves would surrender at Lexington, Missouri on May 23, 1865 along with fellow partisans, Nathan Kerr, Ambrose Maxwell, Ben Morrow, Warren Welch, Sim Whitsett, Mart Rider and Babe Hudspeth to name a few.
  John's burial spot is in dire need of correction and cleaning. His stone has wrong dates (from which the family has no idea how that happened) and the Atchison Cemetery is tucked away in woods and weeds with a dilapidated fence that collapsed just a few feet behind John's resting place. We hope a collaborative effort can be made by an SCV or historical group to come to his aid.
  The QSCR stands even stronger as one of Quantrill's original guerrillas is now and forever etched into Benton County and Arkansas history!!

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