John Cavin

Quantrill guerrilla and Captain,
               George Todd

Born: March 12, 1845     Died: December 10, 1918
Burial: Howell Cemetery     Place: Prairie Grove, Washington County, Arkansas



  John's government gravestone in Howell Cemetery states that he was in the Ninth Kansas Cavalry, Company H. That's true for a moment. He did, in fact, enlist in Company H, but he was immediately transferred to Company A under Amzi Steele. John's time in this unit saw A LOT of Quantrill, especially after the raid at Lawrence, Kansas on August 21, 1863! Under Steele and Major Luin Thacher, Company A pursued the partisans and engaged them several times! In these fights, men on both sides were killed and materials from the Lawrence raid were retrieved. After a time of chasing Quantrill, the company moved to Paola (pronounced Payola), Kansas where they saw a hellfire and brimstone speech firsthand given by Kansas Jayhawker, Jim Lane!
  In July of 1863, in the Kansas City area, women, who both aided the partisans and were related to them, were arrested by a squad of the Ninth Kansas, Company A and imprisoned into the Union Jail at 1409 Grand Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. THIS, folks, is where Josephine Anderson, namesake of our anchor website, was imprisoned, along with her sister, Mary and four other women when the whole building collapsed on August 13, 1863 and killed Josephine!
  Was John one of the arresting squad? Did he help turn the girls over to those in charge? We may never know this. But we DO know it IS possible and that John WAS in on the chase and subsequent fights with Quantrill's partisans after Lawrence!

More on the Union jail collapse in Kansas City:

Quantrill guerrilla
    George Todd
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