John Ellison

Born: May 2, 1844                              Died: January 1, 1922

Burial: Eureka Springs I.O.O.F.          Location: Eureka Springs, Carroll County, Arkansas





Enlisted: March 22, 1862 at Maysville, Missouri
Discharged: April 4, 1865 at Warrensburg, Missouri
Stationed: Breckenridge, Mo., Lexington, Mo., Pink Hill (Independence), Mo., Pleasant Hill, Mo., Dover, Mo., months at a time "in the field" at Lafayette County, Mo.

Highlights of his service - 1ST Missouri State Militia  (Information from the official O.R. reports):
  August 6-10, 1862 - Parts of Co's A, B & H were in pursuit of Porter eight days and were engaged in the battle at Kirksville August 6 and afterwards continued the pursuit until August 10 and was in the skirmish at Lee's Ford on the Chariton River. Parts of Co's A, C, D, F, G & K were in the battle at Panther Creek August 8 where 80 of the enemy under Porter were reported killed and wounded, and together with parts of Co. H were in pursuit and skirmishes of Walnut Creek and Lee's Ford.
  _______10, 1863 - Marching from Germantown to Harrisonville, Mo., Major Mullins with Co's F, G & H had a skirmish with a squad of Rebels in which three were killed, One Lt. Rider of Teague's command (Rider and Teague are Quantrill men), 3 horses, equipment and 4 pistols were captured.
  Summer 1863 - Was kept in the field in the counties of Jackson, Lafayette, Cass, Henry and St. Clair and had numerous skirmishes with guerrillas.
  August 25, 1863 - The company was in an engagement with Quantrill's forces near Pleasant Hill, Missouri
  Fall 1863 - The company was stationed at Lexington, Missouri and was actively engaged in scouting the country, killing and capturing a number of guerrillas.
December 17, 1863 - Co H's Lt. Stephen Williams, with six men on scout, captured Otho Hinton, a guerrilla. (Otho Hinton was one of Quantrill''s men)
  April 1864 - Has been engaged in scouting and escorting, succeeded, in conjunction with Co. G, in breaking up a camp of guerrillas. Killed 1, captured their camp and garrison equipage and several horses, traveled 130 miles.
June 1864 - Had skirmish with guerrillas on west part of Lafayette County, Missouri
August 1864 - Has had several skirmishes with the enemy in which they killed 1 guerrilla, captured 7 horses and equipment.
  September 1864 - Company actively engaged in scouting after guerrillas in the counties of Jackson and Lafayette, Mo.

  The 1st MSM Cavalry's reports are so numerous and detailed that it would be impossible to list them all here. However, the 1st MSM Cav. was one of the most known Union regiments in Quantrill country. Their run-ins with Quantrill and the many other guerrilla bands of midwest Missouri were quite frequent. 

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