John Archelaus


Born: June 13, 1855 or June 14, 1856     Died: May 1, 1913

Buried: Bentonville Cemetery     Place: Bentonville, Benton County, Arkansas 

  The Fulkerson family line is full of surprises that benefit northwest Arkansas in several ways. Much like QSCR Members, Sarah Christy and William Gosney, the names of the famous and extremely well known pop up again and again. John's entry into the QSCR is a fascinating and fun look into the Kansas-Missouri border wars, the old west and one Hollywood star. 

  Shall we get started?!.......

 *John's first cousin was Union Missouri Major Henry Neill. Neill was in the 1st Missouri State Militia Cavalry, 1st Battalion Missouri State Militia Cavalry and 1st Battalion U.S. Reserve Corps Cavalry. He fought at Lone Jack, Wilson's Creek and Pea Ridge as well as running into Quantrill a time or two.

 *Wild West figure, outlaw and Dodge City gang member in New Mexico, Hyram "Hoodoo" Brown was his first cousin, once removed. Son of Major Henry Neill. Hoodoo's Dodge City Gang was a police force of "peace" officers made from notorious gunfighters like "Mysterious" Dave Mather and "Dirty" Dave Rudabaugh. Hoodoo Brown is also featured in the video game, "GUN"

 *Five very familiar names in Quantrill/border war history are Caleb and Victoria Berry and their three sons, Dick, Ike and James. From Callaway County, Missouri, the brothers were well known Quantrill guerrillas that fought in different battles such as Lawrence, Baxter Springs and Centralia to name a few! They were called "the most daring and reckless adventurers of those famous rough riders of the border." Meanwhile, their father was closely watched by the authorities as he had aided rebels and the Union knew his three sons well. Their mother, Victoria was John's 1st cousin, once removed, making the Berry brothers his second cousins.

 *Three more names, very known in Quantrill history, are the Houxs. Namely Robert, Mike and Matthew. John's 1st cousins, once removed, by marriage.

 *Confederate Brig. General and U.S. Senator, Francis Marion Cockrell was family through the marriage of his 1st cousin, once removed, Reuben Fulkerson. Reuben is noted in Lone Jack, Missouri history as the first store clerk or salesman in Lone Jack. He is listed here:

 *John's father, John H., had a hand in famous history. Unfortunately, it was in the persecution of the Mormons in Missouri. With Colonel Sterling Price present, he chained together Prophet Joseph Smith with six other of his brethren after they had been forced from their homes and captured, awaiting charges. 

 *Hollywood actor, the late Bill Paxton (Twister, TITANIC, among others) is a decendant of the Fulkersons through John's great aunt, Hannah.


To see the entire Fulkerson family lineage and the page John appears on, visit the Fulkerson family page here:

Permission to use John Fulkerson's photo was granted by permission from the Fulkerson family website

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