All of the educational resources of the QSCR at your fingertips!

Visit key historic sites from all over Quantrill and border wars history! The battlefields of Centralia and Lone Jack in Missouri, Lawrence Kansas and Quantrill's raid, the border strife at Lecompton, Kansas! Order No. 11 headquarters, gravesites and much more! 

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Here, you will find an endless supply of everything an educator might need for their classroom curriculum! Research centers, lesson plans, biographies, stories, reports and more! Teachers can put their students right in the heart of the border wars!


Here, you will find a description of everything the collection has to offer along with the many individuals and places that have contributed to the building of the QSCR!


All kinds of goodies straight from the QSCR files of research! What makes it into this page are the many bits of history that have accumulated from years of compiling information to build the QSCR!


Lists that somewhat intertwine as you learn what Quantrill guerrillas served at one time in Arkansas and the northwest Arkansas residents that served with Quantrill guerrillas in regular Confederate units.

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Authentic  pieces of history add to the educational value of the QSCR! Pieces straight from the field and donations by individuals bring you closer to the times!

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