Lemuel Welch


Coats Cemetery at night

  Born: August 24, 1847 (?)                    Died: February 28, 1921
  Burial: Coats Cemetery (unmarked)     Place: Maysville, Arkansas



  Lemuel "Lem" Welch is the brother of well known Quantrill ranger, Warren Welch, fellow partisan brother, James and son of Simeon and Mary Welch! Nothing is really known about him, as far as his life goes, except for rumoring to have been born in Lafayette County, Missouri in the Sni-A-Bar area and his being married to a woman named Martha. However, mentions of him appear in his brother's written remembrances of the border wars titled "Warren Welch Remembers." Warren wrote phonetically, but this is translated. Here's where Lem comes to life.....
  "Then we went to Greenton Valley where my mother lived. Then we got with Brother Lem, Andy Powell, Arch Rockwell and some more of the boys. And then we went to Johnson County near Kingsville and has a fight with some of the Federals down there, but we had to leave there for they was to many of them for us. So we came back near Chapel Hill and camp near the Phillips place and we stayed in camp about two weeks. Then come to Lake Hills, then we, with some more of the boys and was together several days. Then Brother lem, Powell and Rockwell went back to Greenton Valley and I seen my mother and sister."

  Additionally, Lem appears on a staggering NINE Quantrill lists. These are eight handwritten lists by Warren of "Quantrell's old band!" And one handwritten surrender list Warren made of those men that surrendered to Capt. E. E. Rogers (Union) at Lexington, Missouri in May of 1865. Nine lists are a pretty good proving ground that he was an active guerrilla!

  Lem's whereabouts in old Coats Cemetery is unknown and, of course, unmarked. We hope that efforts can be made in getting him a stone to, at least, memorialize him!

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