Brushy Cemetery

Lewis Hudspeth

Born: June 10 or 17, 1810                       Died: 1872 or 1882

Burial Brushy Cemetery (unmarked)      Place: Metalton, Carroll County, Arkansas


  Like fellow QSCR member, Sarah Christy, Lewis is stacked with an abundance of Quantrill guerrilla history in his family! There's also a little Jesse James history as a bonus! Due to their Quantrill ties and close proximity to each other, the Hudspeths and James mix frequently in many books and stories recounting the days of the border wars and the James Gang! 

  And I'm not a' kiddin'!

  The genealogy breakdown goes like this...George and Judy Ran Hudspeth had several children. Among them were sons, George Washington Hudspeth and William Hudspeth. George Washington Hudspeth had our subject, Lewis Calvin. William had Joseph, Missouri, Silas, Robert, Sylvia and Benoni. We'll break down the significance of William's children to Lewis, one by one.


  SILAS HUDSPETH - Silas is seen alongside the names of Jesse and Frank James, Cole Younger and James gang member, Dick Liddil. In the 1882 confession of Dick Liddil, he gives this statement referring to Si and the James':

"During these four or five years I have seen them very often at Silas Hudspeth's, Bob's brother. He also entertained them as friends.

  Then, there was this account from Cole Younger as he was staying overnight at Silas' home:

"Jesse had told me that Shepherd was gunning for me, and accordingly one night, when Shepherd came late to the home of Silas Hudspeth, where I was, I was prepared for trouble......" 

  ROBERT HUDSPETH - Robert was a member of Quantrill's guerrillas for a brief time participating at Centralia. He also shows up in James' history! Also knew James gang member, Dick Liddell.

  LAMARTINE HUDSPETH - Lamartine was one of those who identified Jesse James's body. Always had a fresh horse waiting in his stable for Jesse or Frank's use. Sometimes, he would go out to the stable and find a tired horse in the place of a fresh one. Also knew gang member, Dick Liddell.

  BENONI HUDSPETH - Known for his path to the gold rush in California. An historic marker stands today that marks "Hudspeth's Cutoff" in Idaho. Here are two educational links regarding this famous path:



JOEL RUFUS HUDSPETH - He and his brothers are quite famous for their service under William Quantrill. Rufus participated at the first battle of Independence, Missouri, Lone Jack, White Oak Creek, the raid on Lawrence and Baxter Springs. 

  WILLIAM NAPOLEON "BABE" HUDSPETH - Brother to Joel. Under Quantrill, rode at Lawrence, Kansas and Centralia.

  BENJAMIN MORROW - Was at the first battle of Independence, Lawrence, Centralia, Baxter Springs and Fayette, MO.

GEORGE MORROW - Under Quantrill, fought at the Sorency Farm fight.


  JAMES HAMBRIGHT - With Quantrill for a short time before joining the Confederate army.

  JOHN HAMBRIGHT - Cousin-in-law to Lewis. Known for running Hambright Station, a quite famous stage station at Sibley, Missouri. The station would host a skirmish on June 18, 1862. It would be burned and razed by the Federals.

  Between two...only TWO QSCR Members, Sarah Christy and Lewis Hudspeth, northwest Arkansas has OVER TWENTY individuals who were in the heart's teeth of the border and Civil War actions of Kansas and Missouri. This staggering realization of this many ties into the Kansas-Missouri border wars opens a wealth of new, exciting and revealing info on these individuals that have been buried in northwest Arkansas and had so many stories to tell! 

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