Lucinda Ketchum

Born: June 1, 1840     Died: March 9, 1879

Burial: Dickson Cemetery     Place: Cherokee City, Benton County, Arkansas  


  When you walk through Dickson Cemetery and come across Lucinda's grave, you really wouldn't give it much thought. Especially to anything with a historical significance. Ketchum might not mean much here in Benton County. Until now. And it sure as heck had relevance in Jackson County, Missouri!

  This would be why...we'll attack this by time line:

  *In 1831 Kentucky, a man named Levi Montgomery married a woman named Sophia Crump.

  *In 1836, the Montgomerys decided to leave Kentucky and moved their family west to Jackson County, Missouri.

  *Lucinda would be born June 1, 1840 to James and Mildred Holloway of Blue Springs, Missouri. Two of her sisters were Narcissa and Mahala. They play very relevant parts in this biography.

  *In 1842, Levi and Sophia Montgomery had a son named Samuel. Sadly, Sophia would live only seven more years after Samuel's birth before tragically passing away in 1849 at the young age of thirty four.  

  *In 1850, Levi Montgomery married Lucinda's sister, Narcissa Holloway. Narcissa and Levi would go on to have nine children

  *On May 1, 1853, Al Ketchum married Lucinda's sister, Mahala Jane Holloway. 

  *On April 15, 1856, Lucinda, all of sixteen years old, marries Al's brother, David Ketchum. They along with the rest of the Holloway and Ketchum family members would reside in the Blue Springs area of Jackson County, Missouri, eighteen miles to the slight southeast of Kansas City, throughout the border wars.


Now, you are probably asking what the above timeline has to do with anything QSCR related?  


  Well, for starters...Levi and Sophia's son, Samuel would grow up to be Quantrill's partisan ranger, Samuel C. Montgomery! Therefore, making Lucinda Samuel's aunt due to her sister, Narcissa marrying Levi.

  Next, Al Ketchum was also one of Quantrill's men. He would be a two time 

brother-in-law to Lucinda by a) marrying Lucinda's sister and b) being her husband's brother! 


How's that for having two Quantrill guerrillas tied to you from three different directions?!

  Unfortunately, Lucinda would follow the same fate as Sophia Montgomery dying much too soon herself. She was only 37. 


  Samuel was killed in battle, January of 1863. Subsequently, he was buried in the Lobb Cemetery at Independence, Missouri. Al Ketchum was killed by Union soldiers in 1862 as he tried to escape from a small winter camp inhabited by a few of his fellow partisans.


 ***An educational note to this biography...displayed with the QSCR collection inside the Benton County Historical Society in Bentonville, Arkansas is a large stone from the wall of Lobb Cemetery at Independence, Missouri. 

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