Mac Poisal

   Born: May 7, 1837                        Died: May 6, 1893
   Burial: Sons Chapel Cemetery      Place: Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas



  Thomas Sebastian Poisal was all alone as he drove a team of oxen outside of Waverly, Missouri in 1863. Three Union soldiers collapsed in on him and he was murdered in cold blood. The Union men, not being very alert to their surroundings, had killed him....with a witness. A young man rushed back to the Poisal's home and relayed what he had just seen.
  Mac, his brother, James and Sim Whitsett took out after the Union men and caught up with them after dark. They spotted them gathered around a campfire and listened to them laughing and joking about their mighty victory. Whitsett and the Poisals jumped the Union men and killed them! Afterwards, they chucked the soldier's dead bodies into a pen for a hog's dinner.
  Sim and James would later be arrested as revenge for this action because of a Union defeat in the vicinity of the Poisal home. While captive, they were brutally beaten. After their release, they were recruited by and served with Upton Hays before later joining Quantrill.

  Mac had been active in guerrilla activity for an extended period as records from the Missouri Provost Marshal records indicate. Here are three examples....
(1)The records show his taking of a horse that belonged to a Harvey Hughes and (2) his riding with a band that broke open a trunk that belonged to an individual named Renick and in which they took a watch valued at twenty dollars.
The third entry comes from a description from the MO. Prov. Marshal records that shows Mac's father wanting to provide care to his son....
"Statement that his son, McKendry R. Poisal, left home with Mr. Edwards and Mr. Jones, a captain of a guerrilla band, but joined a company at Miami, where he was wounded and treated by Dr. Ham, and returned home, wishes permission to care for his son."

  Also, Mac appears on a list of prisoners held by Col. Huston in command of Lexington, Missouri where he was sent to prison at Alton, Illinois in June of 1862. Among the Quantrill men that were also prisoners on that list are Thomas Webb, George Webb, Press Webb and William Greer.

  At his passing, his obituary was quite brief:
  "M.R. Poisel (sp) - M. R. Poisel died at his home in this city (Springdale) Saturday at the age of 56. The remains were interred Sunday in the cemetery at Son's Chapel, Rev. Johnsey conducting the funeral exercises. Mr. Poisel was a member of the South Methodist Church and was a consistent Christian. The News extends sympathy to the bereaved family." [The Springdale News 5/12/93]

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