To make the QSCR a more educational and authentic special collections, actions are continuously ongoing throughout the project to acquire any authentic pieces, that would or might be placed in a museum atmosphere and add them to the QSCR collection. These items have been donated by individuals or obtained by work out in the field. All of them are 100% guaranteed to be the real thing! They are a must see for any school field trip or teachers stopping by for a visit! Here are our pieces for display!




*Piece of the first Kansas Democratic Headquarters: Fallen away from it's structure, it is a piece of the very first Kansas Democratic Headquarters (1856-1861) in Lecompton, Kansas and saw it's more than fair share of "Bleeding Kansas!" It has hosted some of the most known and controversial men in Kansas politics like James Lane, Sheriff Samuel Jones, Governors Wilson Shannon, John W. Geary and Samuel Medary! Heated arguments, debates and meetings were prominent in this small building. The piece is 5 inches by 5 inches and quite thick. If only it could talk!





*George Family Cemetery stone and Quantrill soil, Oak Grove, Missouri: The George Cemetery is the resting place of Quantrill guerrillas and brothers, Hiram "Hi", John "Hicks" and Gabriel George. Also, fellow guerrilla, Ezra Moore. If you look closely at the image to the right, you will see a small thin stone, lying in the sunlight, just off the right base of the tree in the forefront of the picture. That stone is thought to be a grave marker. It has no etchings or markings, but was found unearthed. To the right of the stone (with both upright and flat stones) is Gabriel George's grave. When Gabriel was killed at a fight in Independence, Mo. in February of 1862, he was laid to rest here. Quantrill himself, stood at the head of the grave and spoke kind words over him as he choked back tears. Both the flat stone and soil taken from the actual spot Quantrill stood are both on exhibit at the BCHS. They were donated by John and Marilyn George of Lee's Summit, Missouri.






* Lobb Cemetery stone from original wall: This rock comes from the Lobb Cemetery at Independence, Missouri. It is from the original surrounding wall that was built by slaves in the late 1830's! Quantrill guerrillas James & John Little, Gabe Parr, Samuel Montgomery & John T. Crump are all buried in this cemetery. It measures 18 1/2 inches in length and was acquired by permission of Chuck Townsend, Lobb Cemetery Association.





  *Authentic Civil War bullets and bayonet piece: Found by the late Quantrill historian and author, Donald Hale when he was a small boy in Kansas, Don affixed two Civil War bullets and the remnants of a bayonet to a plaque that would later hang in his office at his home. We were thrilled to acquire a personal item of Don's given to us by his widow, Phyllis Hale. A large, wood framed picture of Quantrill you will see decorating the QSCR was also Don's. This was used as a display at modern Quantrill reunions of the William Clarke Quantrill Society. Both items are quite personal to us.


  First edition books by Civil War soldier, Wiley Britton: Donated by the University of Missouri-Kansas City! These two first run books titled "Civil War on the Border" (1890) and "Pioneer Life in Southwest Missouri" (1923) were written by known Civil War soldier and author, Wiley Britton. The books are strictly for show as they are extremely brittle and worn. 


  If you have ANYthing of a Quantrill or border wars significance that you would like to donate to the collection for display at the QSCR collection, please contact Richard Stewart at qscrnwa@gmail.com

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