The War of the Rebellion: The Official Records




  These reports are taken from The War of the Rebellion: The Official Records, otherwise known as the "O.R." books. The O.R. books are volumes that contain recorded, documented official reports and correspondence of the Union and Confederate Armies during the Civil War. They are important and incredibly educational assets to learning about the Civil War as they describe almost everything you can possibly imagine! From fights and battles, prisoners taken, wounds, heroic actions and regimental movements, these books have great detail and very thorough reports. They are an essential part of Civil War education, bar none! Click each year to read reports on Quantrill, his men and the various battles they participated in!


Quantrill O. R. Reports (1862) (Shows 1864 but all reports are 1862)


Quantrill O. R. Reports (1863)


Quantrill O. R. Reports (1864) (Shows 1862 but all reports are 1864)


Quantrill O. R. Report (1865)

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