The battles of Pea Ridge and Prairie Grove had many Quantrill guerrillas, both future and current, involved. The following lists provided are a good source for future field trips and classroom lessons so that the guerrillas will become more of a factor and presence at these battles and can be incorporated as part of the learning process in just who was present on these battlefields. There may be discrepancies in these lists as history evolves, but these are the best knowledge so far.

  At the Battle of Pea Ridge, these men were with Missouri State Guard or Missouri Confederate regiments. Only a couple had been with Quantrill before this battle: A. I. Asbury, Marcus Ayers, Kit Dalton, William Doores, Clifton Holtzclaw, Michael Houx, Joel Hudspeth, Peyton Long, Lee C. Miller, William Scott, William Tate, John Ross, George Shepherd, Si Gordon, James Cunningham, Upton Hays, Matthew Houx, John Teague, Bill Anderson, John Thrailkill, Joseph Vaughn.

  In the battles of Cane Hill and Prairie Grove, this squad of Quantrill's men took part in these two campaigns as known guerrillas. Quantrill himself and Andy Blunt were at Cane Hill, but left for Virginia before the fighting began. Here are the men that fought: Hugh L. W. Anderson, Wiley Atchison, Sylvester (Ves) Atchison, James Cunningham, William Davenport, Sim Whitsett, Sylvester Akers, L. John Brown, William Gregg, Dave Poole, Charles T. Duncan, Buck Fields, Hiram "Hi" George, John "Hicks" George, John C. Holloway, Rufus Hudspeth, Frank James, Press Webb, John P. Webb, Warren Welch, Simeon Welch, O.S. Barnett, John T. Burns, John Jarrette, Columbus Tyer, William Gaugh, John McCorkle, James Hambright, Dick Turpin, F. Luther Wayman.

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