Kansas-Missouri Border Wars map

Quantrill battles map

Quantrill's Raid on Lawrence: Pin map of locations visited during raid

Civil War Sites in Missouri (Map) - U. S. National Parks Service

Quantrill's Raid Resources: Helen Osma Collection, Lawrence Public Library, Lawrence, Kansas

Quantrill’s Raid on Lawrence: Stories of Loss Destruction and Survival, Kenneth Spencer Library, Univ. of Kansas

Missouri Division Sons of the Confederate Veterans

Kansas Memory: Military-Wars-Civil War-Quantrill's raid

Quantrill guerrilla roster #1

Quantrill guerrilla roster #2

Quantrill guerrilla roster #3

Quantrill guerrilla roster #4

Missouri Partisan Ranger & Guerrilla Units

Missouri Union Provost Marshal Papers / Database 1861-1866

Battle of Prairie Grove and Prairie Grove resources

Battle of Pea Ridge and Pea Ridge resources

Battle of Mine Creek, Kansas and Mine Creek resources

The Battle of Pea Ridge: Union & Confederate reoprts from the O.R.

Confederate Pensions Records Search

Kansas Adjutant General's Report 1861-1865 (Kansas soldier's search)

Kansas Civil War Militia Index 1861-1865 (Kansas militia soldier's search)

The Palmyra Massacre

Thomas Ewing Jr's General Order No. 11

Life of Missouri Confederates and Missouri State Guard

Missouri Provost Marshal records (Quantrill and many guerrillas and their familes can be found in these records)

Fort Blair and the Baxter Springs Massacre


B. James George (1896-1975) The State Historical Society of Missouri


America's Civil War: Guerrilla Leader William Clarke Quantrill’s Last Raid in Kentucky

William Clarke Quantrill, Confederate Guerrilla 1837-1865, Kansas Historical Society

William C. Quantrill, Ohio History Central

William Clarke Quantrill, Texas State Historical Association

Who Was William Clarke Quantrill: The Man, The Mystery, The Psychological Report

William Quantrill - Renegade Leader of the Missouri Border War

William Quantrill - The Man, The Myth, The Soldier

History.com - 6 Civil War Guerrilla Leaders (Quantrill, Anderson, Lane, Mosby, Jennison, McNeill

Missouri In The Civil War: Confederate Military History, Vol. 9

Guerrilla Warfare, Missouri Style!

Bushwhackers and Jayhawks

The Un-Civil War in Missouri: Pay Back

Guerrilla Warfare in the Trans-Mississippi

Bleeding Kansas and the Missouri Border War

Jesse James - Folklore Hero or Cold Blooded Killer


The Research Center offers a wide variety of informational avenues to help give you the advantage in your school work, personal research, genealogy or just wanting to learn about the border wars as an interest. There is bottomless information here that covers a wide variety of subjects. Pick one. Or two....or as many as you like!

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