Samuel O. Beaty

Birth: 1841     Died: 1920 

Burial: Beaty Cemetery     Place: Lincoln, Washington County, Arkansas

  We now have someone who witnessed the aftermath of the Lawrence raid firsthand!! Under a simple, small stone marked "S.O. Beaty, Civil War Veteran" lies Samuel Beaty. Mr. Beaty enlisted with Company C, 14th Kansas Cavalry on June 20, 1863 and was mustered in on August 6 of that same year. He was present at the fort in August 1863 when a courier from Lawrence, Kansas arrived with a stack of messages in his hand. One was marked "Invasion!" That was the paper alarm signaling the aftermath of Quantrill's raid! Along with a contingent of his fellow soldiers, Beaty went to Lawrence, shortly after the raid, to lend a helping hand to the Lawrence citizens. In all likelyhood, he would have helped with distribution of the victims bodies and distributed supplies.
  This find is another huge educational opportunity for the region as we now have an actual witness to the aftermath of the raid and someone who was in the immediate thick of it!!

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