Sarah Christy 

Born: May 16, 1846            Died: April 27, 1896

Burial: Rogers Cemetery     Place: Rogers, Benton County, Arkansas 

  Sarah is quite an amazing story as far as a Quantrill background goes! There is probably no end to what she had heard and known. are about to look down into one of the deepest Quantrill genealogy wells you've ever seen!

  Sarah's daddy was Sanford Phillips, son of Abraham and Sarah Ridings Phillips. Sanford was born and raised Lafayette County, Missouri where he would marry Ruth Hobson. His daughter, Sarah was one of eleven children and grew up with her family in the Sni-A-Bar (pronounced Sny-uh-bar) township of Lafayette County, Missouri. Sni-A-Bar was a hotbed of Quantrill guerrilla families and action throughout the border wars. It was here she also got married to a man by the name of Bainbridge Christy. Quantrill history tells us that many guerrilla families had married into one another. And Sarah's family was, to put it mildly, NO exception. As Abraham Phillips' family tree started to branch in marriage, the names that sprouted from it brought forth much "Quantrill" and Bleeding Kansas fame. Here we go........

  Abraham's daughter, Frances Phillips (Sarah's blood aunt), married Jonathan William Shore. Jonathan and Frances had a son, Samuel Richard Shore (Sarah's blood first cousin) who married Surrilda Parent. Her half brother was Quantrill guerrilla, Riley Parent. Samuel and Surrilda had a son who was Quantrill guerrilla, Stephen Shore (Sarah's first cousin once removed). 

  And.......Jonathan's brother was Samuel Robert Shore. Samuel's sons (Jonathan's nephews) were Capt. Samuel T. Shore, J. Montgomery Shore and R. Augustus Shore. These are the same three Shores that were with abolitionist, John Brown at the Battle of Black Jack in Kansas!

Okay...deep breath....we forge ahead

  Frances would pass away in 1823 and Jonathan married Frances' sister, Mary Phillips (Sarah's other blood aunt). Jonathan and Mary had a son named Francis (Sarah's blood first cousin) who married Eliza Davenport. Eliza's brother was Quantrill guerrilla, Robert Davenport. They also had two other sons and a daughter named Theopolis, Baron Dekalb, and Elizabeth Shore (all three Sarah's first blood cousins). Theopolis married a young woman by the name of Francis Welch. Francis' father was Simeon Welch and her brothers were Warren, Lem and James Welch! (Those names should sound familiar to those QSCR followers). Baron Dekalb Shore didn't marry into a Quantrill family as he was a Quantrill guerrilla himself! Elizabeth is thrown in for good measure. She married, not a Quantrill man, but one of the most famous, revered and known names in Missouri Civil War history. Dr. Caleb Winfrey.

  But for Jonathan and Mary, the Feds hit them hard and it would see them both to their graves. Only TEN days apart. The family book, "Ancestors and Descendants of FREDERICK SHORE" by Leo Jane Shore explains, in part, Jonathan and Mary's demise this way...."He (Jonathan) also had a store on his property. The store also served as a bank. There were several notes given by men in the area and as Jonathan William and his wife died so suddenly and the area was in such turmoil that the estate could not be settled until after the Civil War, those notes were never paid or picked up. Tragedy struck - the Federals came and raided the store and the home. We have never learned the trials he went through, but he did have a stroke. It was a bitter cold January day in 1864. Not a man in the county to get him into the house. His wife was doing what she could and had a heart attack. They are buried across the road in the cemetery he had laid out some time before. 

  THIS is probably why the Feds attacked...the Donald Hale book, "Branded as Rebels, Volume Three, Part Two" states this information about Jonathan William Shore: "Consequently, and because of their sympathies with the South, they placed hay and and grain in a persimmon grove for Quantrill. Both Federal and Confederate armies were conscripting men and boys who were "man size." Those not in the right uniform, or no uniform, were usually killed, especially in border areas of Missouri by the Federals. Samuel Richard, the oldest son, was forced to hide in the branches of an oak tree during a Kansas Redleg raid. From this vantage point, he watched his home burned; his daughters rescue their most prized possessions, feather beds and personal saddles, only to have the RedLegs hurl them back into the fire; watched them shoot the family dog, "Tige," as they rode away." 

  "Branded, Vol. 3, Pt. 2" also had this little dandy about Theopolis..."Theopolis, another son, was caught in the open road by a RedLeg party, with no other means of escape. Thinking quickly, he stooped for a stick and began digging. When the officer asked what he was doing he replied without a pauseand not looking up, "huntin' winter snakes!" The officer commented "The damn fool's crazy. Let him alone."

  Now, we come to Sarah's immediate family. She had a sister named Martha. Martha married Francis Marion Webb, another Quantrill guerrilla (Sarah's brother-in-law). F. M. Webb is from the well known Webb family of Lafayette County, Missouri. MANY of the Webbs were with Quantrill and Missouri units. One of the more familiar Webbs under Quantrill was Preston "Press" Webb. 

  So there you have it. To recap....Riley Parent, Stephen Shore, Capt. Samuel T. Shore, J. Montgomery Shore, R. Augustus Shore, Robert Davenport, Dekalb Shore, Warren Welch, Lem Welch, James Welch, Simeon Welch and Francis Marion Webb. TWELVE names from the border and Bleeding eras under one name. Sarah Phillips Christy. 

  As an added bonus to this story, here is a great article from entitled "The Fighting Webbs of Jackson County, Missouri

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