Simeon Welch


  Born: July 6, 1816                     Died: January 30, 1899
  Burial: Maysville Cemetery      Place: Maysville, Benton County, Arkansas




  Simeon, one of Quantrill's guerrillas, is the father of well known Quantrill man, Warren Welch. He is also the father of Warren's partisan ranger brothers, Lemuel and James. Simeon, along with wife, Mary, went through the trials and tribulations of the border wars. Having his home burned by Jayhawkers and his family being banished to an island in the Missouri River without shelter, losing his wife to arrest and being sent to Gratiot Prison in St. Louis and his sons riding with Quantrill, Simeon had run the table on emotions for the war. He shows up very little through Welch history, but is somewhat documented within the war. He appears on one list of Quantrill men. In the files of the Missouri Provost Marshal papers at Jefferson City, Missouri, there is a letter from a Union officer asking Union officials as to the whereabouts of his wife, Mary at Gratiot Prison in St. Louis after her arrest for disloyalty. Simeon had gotten in touch with them after losing track of where she was!
  The most prominent place Simeon resides is in the Warren Welch family papers and letters stored in the Jackson County Historical Society Archives in Independence, Mo. There, letters from he and Mary, dated 1873 and 1874, talk about the family coming to see them and staying through the fall and winter...
  "Dear Children we would like to see you all and I think you might come and see us and spend one fall and winter with us."
   The letter is from July 26, 1874 and signed "S.F. Welch, M.A. Welch" 
   Then, there is this excerpt from September the 28th, 1873 regarding the hardships in NW Arkansas...
  "the people of this country are complaining very much of the hard times and the Great Scarcity of money in this part of Arkansas. As to crops here, we will not make more than half crop of corn."
 "S.F. Welch, M.A. Welch"

  Also, some of Simeon's military service peeks out from this Dec 4 letter from Fayetteville, Ark. and was written to Warren by his sister. It states...
  "40 years ago you and Pa was in the prairie grove battle. I wish you was here today. think what happened 40 years ago today. I hope we will never have another war in our time and children's."

   We don't know the Quantrill fights that Simeon was in on. But we know for sure, by his son's hand, that he rode with the most famous partisan rangers of them all and joined his offspring in the border times!

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