Stinson Stearns

     Born: January 25, 1811       Died: February 14, 1904
     Burial: Stearns Cemetery a.k.a. Gehring's Chapel

     Place: Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas



  From the "History of Henry & St. Clair Counties, Missouri 1883" book:
"There were twelve to fifteen business houses in town and several did wholesale as well as retail business. Prominent among the business men we may mention, Johnson & Vaughn, John F. Weidemeyer & Son dry goods, John Yeater dry goods and groceries, Stearns and Baker Saddlery and Stearns also had a shoe shop........"
  That's right, northwest Arkansas....YOU HAVE one of the very few (twelve to fifteen) business men in ALL OF Osceola, Missouri at the time of James Lane's September 1861 raid!!!! Stinson Stearns was a co-owner of a saddlery shop and had his own shoe store!! Not to mention he also had a tan yard to boot!! Stinson was one of the PROMINENT men of Osceola!! He would leave Osceola in 1862 and stop in Sedalia, Missouri before finally settling into Fayetteville, Arkansas in 1866 and opening a tan yard there! Stinson is one of the most valued individuals of the entire QSCR project!! Being one of the very few business men of Osceola to be in NW Arkansas lets us have that history right on our front door step!! He lived it and is a documented piece of the border war history!
  Let me ask you this....if Stinson had a saddlery AND a shoe shop AND a tan yard.....just how hard do you think he was hit by Lane's men?? My guess...he was probably cleaned out!! Because if there were two things soldiers needed as bad as air itself, it was saddle equipment and shoes!!

Kansas Senator and the "Grim Chieftain",
James H. Lane
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