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 America's only  public special collections based solely on the Kansas - Missouri border wars!  The QSCR has a unique educational inventory that's filled with informative and detailed variety  This one of a kind collection hosts a myriad of information, including northwest Arkansas residents, that's combined with the depth of Quantrill's Missouri guerrilla days and John Brown's "Bleeding Kansas"!  This vast collection includes:

*Massive binders crammed with Confederate pension applications of Quantrill's guerrillas

*Award winning books from award winning authors on both the Kansas-Missouri border wars and "Bleeding" Kansas

*MANY books on Jesse James, The Youngers, Bloody Bill Anderson, Gen. JO Shelby, individual guerrillas and, of course, William Quantrill

*Biographical binders on some of the northwest Arkansas residents who make up the QSCR Members

*Award winning books that can be found mostly in just the Kansas City and/or Independence, Missouri areas

*Movies that cover or tie into the subject include "Ride With the Devil", "True Grit", "The Outlaw Josey Wales", "Rooster Cogburn", "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" and many other great Quantrill related titles!

*Documentary DVDs such as "Touched By Fire: Bleeding Kansas" and "Bloody Dawn: The Lawrence Massacre." 

*Decor around the collection include the movie posters "Ride With The Devil", John Wayne's "True Grit" and the 1958 film, "Quantrill's Raiders. Plus over thirty portraits of guerrillas like Jesse James, Frank James, John Jarrette, Archie Clements, William Gregg, Upton Hays, Jim Cummins and MUCH more!

*Over thirty  Civil War Teachers guides for incorporating the border wars and Bleeding Kansas into their classes.

* items, magazines, pamphlets, newsletters and much more!

And don't forget our host website here that's loaded with biographies, school lesson plans, genealogy links, extensive research and even some stunning surprises!



These are the many that have come to our cause and donated materials, books, research and financially so that we may build the "Quantrill Special Collections Research" into the educational asset it can be! Huge thanks to one and all! We hope we see YOUR name up here soon!


Barbara Dietrich, Berta Norris, Betty Key, Beverly Shaw, Bill Degge, Carol Parnell, Carolyn Bartels, Catherine Floyd, Dan Verbeck, Deryl Sellmeyer, Don Moorehead, Donald L. Gilmore, Donna Gregory, Dorman Nelson, Dorothy Miller, Dorris McKinney, Duncan Hansen, Guillaume Seguin, Harold Dellinger, Harold Kerr II, Ilda McCollough, Jack Netherton, James Baker Jr., Jim Beckner, Joanne Chiles Eakin, John & Kathy Mason, John Atchison Family, Keith LaQuey, Larry Wood, Linda Mangels, Lois Faulconer, Loye Philpott Roach, Mamie Stewart, Mark Cummings, Marley Brant, Mary Mimms, Matthew Van Horn, Neil Block, Paul Bond, Paul Petersen, Phyllis Hale, Richard Sunderwirth, Robert Collins, Sherryl Barger, Sylvia Stuckey, Ted Stillwell, Tom A. Rafiner, Wade Ankelsheiln, Wayne Schnetzer


Bruce Nichols, George Martin, John Russell, Kirby Ross, 


Cathy Barton & Dave Para (music duo) and Bob Dyer, Chris Edwards (Edward Productions, LLC), Chris Wimsatt (Bates County Museum, Missouri), Civil War Roundtable of Western Missouri, Confederate Home Park & Cemetery (Higginville, MO.), David Jackson (formerly of the Jackson County Historical Society Archives), Don Vasicek (Olympus Films, LLC), Jack Chance (Friends of Centralia Battlefield), Jennifer Lukomski (Univ. of Missouri - Kansas City), John Moloski (Burnt District Press), Ken Spurgeon (Lone Chimney Film Productions), Larry O'Neal (Baxter Springs Heritage Center & Museum, Baxter Springs, KS.), Nancy Feroe (Benton County, AR. Historical Society),, Robert Eckel (Cleburne SCV Camp #1433, Pine Bluff, AR.), SCV Quantrill's Raiders Camp 2087 (Ohio), Tim Rues & Shirley Funk (Constitution Hall, LeCompton, KS), Steve Nowak (Watkins Museum of History, Lawrence, Kansas) 


Matthew Van Horn

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