William Oakes

Born: March 1823             Died: August 27, 1898

Burial: Oakes Cemetery    Place: Bella Vista, Benton County, Arkansas




  Meet William Oakes, former soldier of the 5th Provisional Enrolled Missouri Militia! William lived in Benton County, Arkansas for quite a spell and is buried at the Oakes Cemetery at Bella Vista, Benton County, Arkansas.   William's military history is relevant to the collection due to the fact that one of the 5th PEMM's main missions were the pursuit of guerrillas in Missouri, namely Quantrill's and any other guerrilla band they found. They covered and blanketed Lafayette County, Missouri numerous times and come upon Quantrill and / or his men on several occasions!

  To read and learn more about William, a descendant has posted an entire page on him from the Phil Sheridan Camp No. 4 out of San Jose, California. To find out more about him, please visit:


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