Born: January 9, 1838               Died: October 1900

   Burial: Rose Hill Cemetery       Place: Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas




  Ogden was born on January 9, 1838 in Madison County, Arkansas. His military background shows that on February 21, 1863, he enlisted in Hill's 7th Arkansas cavalry, Co. E. On November 15, 1863, he was reprieved by the enemy. While serving as a scout for Hill's 7th, he reportedly visited with Quantrill several times while Quantrill was "devastating the front" during Sterling Price's Missouri raid. They became so well acquainted that the relationship turned into close personal friends. Ogden currently appears on a couple of Quantrill rosters, but not as a guerrilla. Here is one example:
  The nickname "Black Riley" originated from family distinguishing between he and his first cousin, William Riley Ogden. His cousin was fair skinned and light headed while he had dark hair and darker skin.
  He passed on October 27, 1900 in Cerro Gardo, Arkansas and was buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery, Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas.


"Black Riley"


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