William Davidson

  Born: Unknown                  Died: Unknown

  Burial: Lee Cemetery         Place: Gravette, Benton County, Arkansas




  William was a soldier in Charles Jennison's 15th Kansas Cavalry. Company F. Enlisting in October, 1863 while residing in Leavenworth, Kansas, William's military career would burn many paths in Cass County, Missouri. And that's meant literally!

  On July 28, 1864, Company F, commanded by Capt. Orren Curtis, approached Harrisonville, Missouri from the west. As they came down a large hill towards the town, a picket demanded for them to halt and identify themselves of which the company completely ignored. The picket raised his rifle and Company F came to stop. Looking twice did the picket realize that there were raised 15th Kansas rifles zeroed in on him. The picket chose to end the confrontation and ran back towards Harrisonville.

  Company F occupied the town for around an hour and Capt. Curtis made it abundantly clear that if that picket had fired upon them, Harrisonville would have been burned to the ground and every man killed.

  When Curtis left, he sent a last message. On their way out, the Kansans burned homes located on the outskirts of Harrisonville. The very next day, they returned to burn more homes west of town. The final count was somewhere between 12-20 vacant homes.

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