William Gosney

               Born: October 12, 1844                    Died: July 14, 1922
               Buried: Cherokee City Cemetery     Place, Cherokee City, Benton County, Arkansas



  William is another of the great finds of this new history! His association and ties to the Quantrill subject are very deep and ever winding! Unfortunately, he is really lost in burial! But let's start at the beginning....

  William enlisted under the renowned Upton Hays and his 2nd Missouri Cavalry just two days after the battle of Independence, Mo. on August 13, 1862 by Gideon Thompson! And, under the banner of the 2nd, he would be in arguably one of the most famous and known companies of the entire Missouri Confederacy, Company C. Here, William would serve with a jawdropping number of well known Quantrill men including Hi George, Hicks George, John Koger (which was also his first cousin by marriage), Thomas Maxwell, Riley Parent, John Tyer and Warren Welch!
  William fought at the battles of Lone Jack and White Oak Creek. At White Oak, he fought with his company alongside Quantrill's partisans like Mart Rider, John Webb, William Young (Harry S. Truman's uncle), Boone Muir, Sim Whitsett, William Haller and William Greer.

Now is where the name dropping really starts to begin!....

  *Kate King's nephew, Arthur Dealy, was a cousin of John Dealy, who married William's sister. Arthur placed a memorial monument to Kate next to her parents' gravesite in the Slaughter Cemetery.

  *William's maternal uncle, Joshua Corn, married Adaline Dalton. Her brother, James Lewis Dalton fathered the outlaw Dalton Boys. Adaline's mother was Adaline Lee Younger, whose brother, Henry Washington Younger fathered the famous Younger brothers. Cole Younger was among Quantrill's men and fought in the battle of Lone Jack as did William Gosney.

  *William's maternal aunt, Mary Corn married Abraham Koger. Abraham's first wife died while giving birth to future Quantrill guerrilla, John William Koger. Mary was the only mother John knew.

  *James Franklin Gregg, a noted Quantrill partisan and William Gregg's brother, notarized the witness affidavit on William's pension application.

  Sadly, William is lost to the ravages of time and man moving on. The Cherokee City Cemetery is now all but gone. The Benton County Cemetery Preservation Group is currently researching the cemetery and looking for William and the others buried there. We don't know where his exact burial spot is, but, like Lem Welch, we hope that a stone can be placed there to memorialize him and promote his military service for the benefit of educating northwest Arkansas! The fifty one page book "William Marion Gosney", written by Olin Karch, is available as part of the QSCR inventory. This book is a wonderfully done background of William and his family filled with many, many pictures and documents!

Visit the official Lone Jack battlefield and museum website at 

William appears here as "Jack" http://www.historiclonejack.org/hays-roster.html

And his father is listed on this census at #1782 http://www.historiclonejack.org/1860.html

  You can see the Gosney family cemetery, located just outside of Lone Jack, Missouri, by clicking the following site http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gsr&GScid=28955

*Family information provided by Olin Karch, a Gosney descendant

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